Oct 30-Nov 1, 2013, SKKU Campus, Korea

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Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) – Our Organizing Partner

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is one of Asia’s oldest universities. It was founded in 1398, as the Joseon Dynasty’s royal academy and continues to be one of one of the world’s most important centers of higher education. The ancient buildings of the Old Sungkyunkwan remain an attractive part of SKKU’s campus and traditions. 

Today, SKKU is a comprehensive university with its Humanities and Social Science campus in Seoul and Natural Science campus in Suwon. At present, SKKU is striving to educate its more than 27,000 talented students with a broad knowledge base, communicative leadership, and a creative, challenging spirit. As a world-class research university, SKKU is contributing to the development of a harmonious global society.

Since 1996, SKKU has been generously supported by Samsung Group. With the support of this global company, SKKU has become a creative center of higher education. Our collaborative approach represents a paradigm shift in which we focus on pedagogical models that incorporate foundational knowledge, applied research, globalization and academic-industrial collaboration.

Through this unique partnership SKKU has developed world-leading academic programs in software development, mobile communications engineering, energy engineering, nanotechnology, business, medicine, and law. In graduate education SKKU collaborates with many of the world’s leading universities and research centers.

SKKU has embraced globalization and has emerged as a leading university in Asia and the world. In fact, in all core disciplines, SKKU actively encourages global research and collaboration through academic exchange of faculty and students, and the development of educational and research programs with its global partners. As such, SKKU is uniquely poised for an even more dynamic future.

9th QS-APPLE Venue: SKKU Humanities & Social Sciences Campus, Seoul, Korea

The 9th QS-APPLE Conference will be held on the Humanities & Social Sciences Campus of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), which is located in the historic and cultural hub of ancient and contemporary Seoul. Situated at its center is the original SKKU campus, now 615 years old, with its giant Gingko trees symbolizing a distinguished history of scholarship. SKKU is surrounded by historical edifices such as Gyeongbok and Changdeok Palaces from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). At present, SKKU remains at the center of Korea’s governmental and commercial enterprise.

With excellent access to the metropolitan subway, it is within a half-hour ride from of the key attractions in Seoul including Dongdaemun fashion district, Myungdong and Insadong shopping districts, Cheongyecheon stream, City Hall Square, Namsan Tower and the Royal Palaces. Participants can take advantage of the location to have a variety of experiences while joining the conference.

Seoul is an inspiring city where you can experience the bustling metropolitan city life along with the beauty of nature and historic heritage. You can step out of a modern shopping center and encounter a vibrant traditional marketplace, while enjoying tree-lined streets and riverside parks. Thus, the conference venue offers an interesting and stimulating environment, right in the heart of the Korean capital.

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